Five Things You Need to Know About Nicolas Party

Five Things You Need to Know About Nicolas Party

A lot is being spoken about right now of the New York-based, Swiss contemporary artist Nicolas Party. In this article we'll discuss five things you need to know about this artist, taking a closer look at some of the themes that run through his work, style, and inspirations.

Party Looks to Pop Art for Inspiration

While Party's work draws on a wide range of influences, perhaps the most crucial inspiration in his artistic career has been the pop art movement. He was particularly drawn to the bold use of color and striking graphic elements that characterized much of pop art, and these powerful visual elements can be seen in his works as well. His work often uses vibrant hues and geometric shapes to create pieces that are both visually provocative and playful at the same time.

Whether he is painting abstract compositions or working with found objects, Party has often looked to the distinctive style of pop art for artistic inspiration.

This isn’t to say that Party copies the techniques and styles of artists like Warhol and Lichtenstein, but rather that he takes inspiration from their ethos and philosophy in creating his works. Instead of focusing exclusively on typical fine arts subjects, Party also incorporates everyday objects into his works, giving them equal weight alongside more traditional subjects.

Influence of Graffiti

Originally a street artist in the 1990s (from when he was 12 – 21 yaers old), a particular feature of Party's work is his use of graffiti as a form of expression. He brings a sense of energy and movement to even the most still and static subject matter.

He also has an affinity for experimenting with different textures, often layering bold colors on top of textured backgrounds to create striking juxtapositions. Party's interest in graffiti also seems to stem from its opposition to mainstream culture and norms.

Unlike many artists who seek acceptance within the art establishment, Party draws inspiration from subcultures like skateboarding or street art that are often at odds with conventional society.

“At that particular moment in the ’90s, it was extremely exciting to be involved in graffiti” – Nicolas Party

This rebellious spirit shines through clearly in his works as he uses unconventional materials like spray paint or stencils rather than traditional brushes and canvas.

He's Got a Way with Color

Party's art is all about color. He deliberately chooses bright, vivid colors to create eye-catching paintings and sculptures. He often paints entire walls or rooms in this cheerful hue and has even created a series of "Pink Pictures" in which every element is various shades of pink. Party also brings a contemporary twist to the genre with his use of striking patterns and graffiti-inspired lettering.

While many of his early paintings were characterized by a single dominant color, Party later began experimenting with more complex combinations of hues. With their bold, vivid strokes and intricate patterns, Party’s paintings are meticulously crafted to invoke a certain mood or feeling, capturing a moment in time through vibrant colors and mesmerizing shapes.

This approach can be seen in works such as "The Yellow Room" (2015), in which he layers different shades of yellow to create a sense of depth, and "The Blue House" (2017), in which he uses blue tones to create an unsettling feeling of isolation.

Whether working in a single color or a spectrum of hues, Party's goal is always to create an emotional response in the viewer. By stripping these motifs down to their essence and recombining them in unexpected ways, Party can create new paintings that simultaneously evoke a specific mood or feeling.

He’s Bringing Still Life Back into Fashion

When it comes to artists practicing today, few paint a still life composition as well as Nicolas Party. He is utterly enchanted by the genre and believes there is something fundamentally beautiful about focusing on the ordinary things in life.

Be it an apple on a table or a bundle of fresh flowers, Party believes that the simple beauty of these objects should never be taken for granted. He infuses his work with a sense of energy and passion that makes his paintings genuinely come alive. And through his work, he seeks to recapture this simplicity and explore the full range of emotions that even the most commonplace object can evoke.

And for him, these vivid compositions are more than just sources of inspiration; they portray unique stories and are a source of love.

He is known for his sense of Humor and Warmth

Aside from his work, Party is also well-known for his clever sense of humor and genuine warmth when interacting with his fans. Party infuses each piece of his works with a playful wit and subtle humor that will capture the imagination of viewers of all ages. It often combines humor with a keen awareness of the social and cultural environment around him.

Beyond his art, Party also has a reputation for being deeply engaged with his community, either through teaching workshops in local schools or organizing fundraisers for important causes.

He is also particularly adept at using his work to interact with fans, whether via interviews or in-person at gallery openings and other events.